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Combined with my favorite material, porcelain,

I strive to bring lightness and
sweetness in my achievements. I appreciate that the earth is part of a cycle of creation and re-earthing.

It is for me a medium that allows to translate an aspiration into action.

After my studies at the International Professional Center for Training in Ceramic Arts de Nancy,

I decide in 2022, to open my workshop in an inspiring, calm and bright place.

Surrounded by greenery, I shape my works.

All my pieces are unique, landscapes take shape there, and tell a story.
Each porcelain creation  is made in my workshop, in the heart of the vineyard, on the lands of Champagne.
The workshop is a place that invites you to escape,

calm and gentle.
I also do custom work

to best meet everyones aspirations,

individuals as well as professionals.

My story

My work on the land is a journey,

a reflection started several years ago and which continues to grow.
Driven by the desire to create, I felt the need to acquire age-old knowledge, to understand an ancestral know-how.

"Ceramics allow me to translate an emotion into a work."

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